Feature Player Spotlight: Emma Zofia Kirlin

Get to know Emma Zofia Kirlin, a rising star in women's soccer

Born on March 18, 2006, in Greenville, South Carolina, Emma Zofia Kirlin is rapidly emerging as a top talent in women's soccer. As the dynamic goalkeeper for both Florida State University and the Coppermine United Women’s Team, Emma showcases a blend of agility, precision, and strategic acumen that sets her apart on the field. Her journey from a small, local club in Greenville to the national spotlight reflects not just talent but relentless determination and a profound love for the game.

Emma's soccer resume is decorated with notable achievements including First Team ECNL and Mid-Atlantic Conference Second Team honors. Her exceptional performances have not only made her a standout player in South Carolina but also earned her All-State accolades. Recognized for her potential early on, Emma was invited to train with the US Women's Youth National Team, a testament to her skills and potential at a national level. Her club career is rich with experience, having played for Greenville Liberty USLW, CESA ECNL, Wade Hampton High School, and the South Carolina ODP, each stint adding layers to her robust defensive techniques and her understanding of the game.

Off the field, Emma is just as passionate and diverse in her interests. She is an avid fitness enthusiast, which complements her athletic training, and she has a keen interest in traveling, exploring new cultures and cuisines which she believes helps broaden her perspectives. Emma is also a dedicated reader and enjoys volunteering, reflecting her commitment to community and personal growth. Her love for animals and engagement in community service projects highlights her compassionate nature and leadership qualities beyond soccer.

Emma actively shares her life and career updates on social media, connecting with fans and aspiring soccer players alike. Her Instagram account [@emmakirlinnn] is a vibrant mix of personal milestones, rigorous training sessions, and snapshots from her travels, offering a well-rounded view of her life as a student-athlete.

When we asked her if there is anything else she’d like to share with us, she said “Before joining CESA ECNL, I played for a small club team that no one would know about if you aren’t from Greenville. I never even imagined myself being where I am today. All I knew is that my dream was to play professional, and that was all I needed. I worked hard and become super determined to be the best player possible. My college career just started a semester early and I’m already super excited about my future and reaching my dreams!”

Looking ahead, Emma is filled with anticipation and excitement about her future in soccer. Having started her college career a semester early, she is already setting the stage for what looks to be a promising path ahead. Her goal is clear—to reach the professional leagues and leave an indelible mark on the sport. With her skill set, work ethic, and visionary outlook, Emma Zofia Kirlin is not just playing to keep the ball out of the net; she's playing to inspire, to lead, and to fulfill a dream that once seemed just out of reach for a young girl from Greenville. Emma's story is one of aspiration turned into reality, and this is just the beginning.

Here is a list of her accolades so far:

  • First Team ECNL and Mid-Atlantic Conference

  • Second Team ECNL

  • All-State South Carolina